About Me


Amanda not only grew up, but still resides in the Colborne/Brighton area. She takes pride in the fact that she has been a local all her life, and does not plan on changing that. She has watched the towns change and grow as the years have gone by, and has made a lot of meaningful connections with the people who live there. Amanda is a very social person and has always worked where interacting with others was a main part of the job, so helping others is second nature to her.

After high school Amanda studied at Loyalist College, and then went on to work at a local group home. It was there that she really got to learn what home means for others, and believes it is an important part of who we all are. This, combined with Amanda’s love of meeting new people and helping others, has driven her into a career in real estate. She is driven and dedicated to helping others find a place that they can truly call home.

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